Materiały z FENS 2006 zostały opublikowane w listopadowym zeszycie Acta Physica Polonica B z 2006 roku, zaś z FENS 2004 w zeszycie sierpniowym z 2005 roku.

  • physics/0512058
    Title: Cooperation and defection in ghetto
    Authors: K. Kułakowski
  • physics/0601158
    Title: Gossip in random networks
    Authors: K.Malarz, Z.Szvetelszky, B.Szekfu, K.Kułakowski
  • physics/0605070
    Title: Efficiency of pair formation in a model society
    Authors: M.Wasko, K.Kułakowski
  • physics/0605115
    Title: Asymmetric matrices in an analysis of financial correlations
    Authors: J.Kwapien, S.Drozdz, A.Z.Gorski, P.Oswiecimka
  • physics/0605147
    Title:Multifractal Model of Asset Returns versus real stock market dynamics
    Authors: P.Oswiecimka, J.Kwapien, S.Drozdz, A.Z.Gorski,R.Rak
  • physics/0606020
    Title: Complexity characteristics of currency networks
    Authors: A.Z.Gorski, S.Drozdz, J.Kwapien, P.Oswiecimka
  • physics/0606041
    Title:Correlation matrix decomposition of WIG20 intraday fluctuations
    Authors: R.Rak, S.Drozdz, J.Kwapien, P.Oswiecimka
  • physics/0606253
    Title: Bayesian Comparison of GARCH Processes with Skewnes Mechanism in Conditional Distributions
    Authors: Mateusz Pipien
  • physics/0607176
    Title:Bayesian Analysis of the Conditional Correlation Between Stock Index Returns with Multivariate SV Models
    Authors: Anna Pajor
  • physics/0608117
    Title: Justice in the Shadow of Self-Interest. An Experiment on Redistributive Behavior
    Authors: Szymon Czarnik
  • physics/0608118
    Title:Non-Causal Fir Filters for the Maximum Return from Capital Markets
    Authors: Andrzej Dyka
  • physics/0608137
    Title: The dependence structure for PARMA models with alpha-stable innovations
    Authors: Joanna Nowicka-Zagrajek, Agnieszka Wylomanska
  • physics/0608140
    Title: Universalism versus particularism through ESS lenses
    Authors: Maria Nawojczyk
  • physics/0608141
    Title: Economic and social factors in designing disease control strategies for epidemics on networks
    Authors: A. Kleczkowski, B. Dybiec, C.A. Gilligan
  • physics/0608167
    Title: Electricity Real Options Valuation
    Authors: Ewa Broszkiewicz-Suwaj
  • physics/0608190
    Title: On Value at Risk for foreign exchange rates – the copula approach
    Authors: Piotr Jaworski
  • physics/0608191
    Title: The average behaviour of financial market by 2 scale homogenisation
    Authors: R. Wojnar
  • physics/0608197
    Title: On Capital Dependent Dynamics of Knowledge
    Authors: Marek Szydlowski, Adam Krawiec
  • physics/0608203
    Title: The Asymptotic Dependence of Elliptic Random Variables
    Authors: Krystyna Jaworska
  • physics/0608214
    Title: Comparison of gain-loss asymmetry behavior for stocks and indexes
    Authors: Magdalena A. Zaluska-Kotur, Krzysztof Karpio, Arkadiusz Orlowski
  • physics/0608293
    Title:Automatic Trading Agent. RMT based Portfolio Theory and Portfolio Selection
    Authors: Malgorzata Snarska, Jakub Krzych
  • physics/0609006
    Title: Dynamics of the Warsaw Stock Exchange index as analysed by the nonhomogeneous fractional relaxation equation
    Authors: Marzena Kozlowska, Ryszard Kutner
  • physics/0610271
    Title: Penrose voting system and optimal quota
    Authors: Karol Zyczkowski, Wojciech Slomczynski